• Mission

    Detroit Dialogues is a monthly discussion group aiming to reshape the narrative around contemporary issues in Detroit. We passionately believe in the combined power of conversation and art expression as a means to heal, strengthen and mobilize Detroit communities.



    Whether a participant is new to the city or a life-long resident, Detroit Dialogues welcomes all Detroiters to build knowledge, create shared values and use their imagination to envision and build up healthy Detroit communities.


  • What is a healthy and strong community?

    Our guiding approach: Healing ourselves and healing our communities.

    Individuals understanding self-worth and personal value and can express it in productive ways (i.e. gardening, painting, organizing, singing, writing).

    Individuals developing meaningful relationships with folks in their communities and can support each other.

    Individuals learning how systems and institutions impact the quality of life in their communities.

    Individuals collaborating with like-minded folks and working to make a difference through advocacy or volunteer work.

    Individuals and organizations working in partnership to co-create resolutions to pressing challenges in the community.

  • How It Works

  • Past Dialogues

    An archive of conversations

    “Millennial Response to “Two Detroits? Gentrification” panel discussion”

    Can we point to clear examples of gentrification in Detroit? What kind of effects does gentrification have on disenfranchised communities?

    “What is your social conviction?”

    What do you firmly believe to be true about social justice movements in Detroit?

    “Drama + Discussion”

    A conversation about strength through vulnerability.

    “Rhythm & Race, part I”

    Race alone is enough to make your heart skip a beat and your palms sweat; it’s a tough topic to explore. one way to start healing ourselves and our communities is to be open to discussion on race.

    “Rhythm & Race, part II”

    a talk about existential issues related to race: (a) privilege, guilt and awareness, (b) cultural appropriation versus adaptation and (c) acceptance and inclusion.

    “Vulnerable in Detroit”

    After reviewing the dehumanizing process of home foreclosure, how might the community support those affected?

  • Detroit Dialogues in the Media


    How storytelling heals and strengthens communities

    October 21, 2014


    by Anna Clark

    K880 Emerging City Champions selected to participate in new fellowship program focused on building more livable cities

    May 27, 2015


    by K8-80

    Heart of Detroit Interview 

    with Mitch Albom

    October 1, 2015


    by Mitch Albom

  • Have an idea for a dialogue? Let us know!

    We'd love to hear your ideas for topics, art forms and ways to grow the dialogue.